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Registering your Lexmark MFP with etherFAX

This article provides step-by-step instruction on how to register your Lexmark MFP with etherFAX through the Clients portal (

Info, Notes and Warnings


Before reading these instructions be sure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • Access to your Lexmark’s Embedded Web Server (IP Address).

  • Have an etherFAX account with access to the etherFAX Clients Portal.

  • The etherFAX-Lexmark License file. See the Installing the etherFAX License File tutorial for a link to download the file.

Complete Registration Video

Below you will find a video covering how to register your Lexmark MFP with etherFAX.


How to register your Lexmark MFP with etherFAX

  1. With your Lexmark’s IP Address handy, reach the Embedded Web Server by typing it into the URL of your browser and clicking “Enter”.

  2. Once there, go to Reports on the left-hand navigation menu, then Device, and finally Device Information.

  3. In the Device Information window, copy the Serial Number.

  4. In a separate tab visit and sign into your account.

  5. Click Devices on the left, and on the Device page click + Device.

  6. Enter your copied Serial Number into the Serial Number field, and be sure to set Device type to Lexmark A4 MFP or Lexmark A4 Color MFP depending on your model.

  7. On the same page be sure to toggle Device Enabled to on and click Save in the upper-right corner. Now you will be sent back to the Device page.

  8. If you have an available DID, you can click the gear icon to the right of your newly created device, then Edit. On this page you can choose your DID by clicking Assign DID and then Save in the upper-right corner.

  9. Going back to the Embedded Web Server, click Import Configuration and then click Browse. Find your etherFAX-Lexmark license file and confirm. At this point your Lexmark will restart.

  10. When it has rebooted, and you have refreshed the Embedded Web Server, go to Fax and then toggle Fax Mode to Fax. Then click Save.

  11. Now, click Fax Setup and then plug in your fax number in the Fax Number field and then toggle Fax Transport to etherFAX and click Save.

  12. Make sure your Date/Time settings are correct for your Lexmark MFP and Save.

  13. Now if you visit the clients portal, you should see a recent connection status on your device.

You will now be able to receive faxing jobs directly at the Lexmark device at that DID!

Ending Notes and Details

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