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How to Install the etherFAX License File

This tutorial will teach you how to install the etherFAX license file onto your Lexmark MFP. The installation of the etherFAX license file provides the etherFAX option within your Lexmark.

Info, Notes and Warnings

It is important to keep your Lexmark MFP up-to-date. Visit the Lexmark site and make sure you have the latest drivers and firmware installed on your device.

You can use the following link to search your device model and make sure you are up-to-date:

Newer Lexmark MFPs will automatically include the etherFAX License file. Successful installation of the etherFAX license file is found in the Fax Transport toggle where etherFAX can be found.

To start receiving fax messages, you must first have a DID (fax number) procured to your account and assigned to your Lexmark device.


Before reading these instructions be sure that the following prerequisites are met:

Download the file to follow the instructions allowing the etherFAX option on your Lexmark MFP:


Importing the license file

  1. Enter the Lexmark’s IP Address into a web browser.

  2. Select Fax on the left-hand side menu:

    Screenshot of the Embedded Web Server to show the left-hand navigation menu containing the Fax tab

  3. If Fax Mode is disabled, select the drop-down arrow and then choose Fax.

  4. Select Fax Setup.

  5. Click the Import Configuration button and then click Browse. Locate the license file downloaded from this page and select your license file. To avoid issues, be sure to keep the name of the .zip as verbatim:

  6. Click Import to commit to your Lexmark MFP to the license file.

Your Lexmark MFP should reboot upon the import of the license file. Please wait a few minutes for the device to reboot without interruption to the device’s power supply.

If it does not reboot, initiate one by selecting Status to reach the Lexmark’s main page and then clicking on Reset Printer.

After your device reboots:

  1. Go back to your Lexmark’s IP Address into a web browser.

  2. Select Fax and then click Fax Setup.

  3. Determine the Fax Number (this will be the Lexmark’s Caller ID unless a Caller ID value is provided within the etherFAX entry which will overwrite this value).

  4. Then select etherFAX within Fax Transport.

  5. Click Save.

Your Lexmark MFP is now be configured to use etherFAX!

Ending Notes and Details

Legacy Lexmark devices only need the .lic file and do not use the entire There is a usable .lic file within the file found in the download link above.

Failure to set Fax Mode to Fax, and choosing Fax Server or Disabled, will result in the inability to connect to etherFAX or connectivity issues.

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