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How to Replace a Device

This tutorial details the process of replacing a Lexmark device.

Info, Notes and Warnings

Depending on what is selected, this will affect faxes to the original device, the DID assigned to the original device, and potentially even remove the old device.


Before reading these instructions be sure that the following prerequisites are met:


How to replace a device

  1. Sign into the Client portal at

  2. On the left-hand side select Endpoints then Devices:

  3. Using the 3 dots in the Action column of the device you’d like to replace, select Replace:

  4. By beginning to type out the Description or Serial Number in the Select Existing Device field, you will then be able to select which device on your account is to replace this device. Alternatively, you may enter the Serial Number of the new device in the New Device Serial Number field to create a new device:

  5. Before proceeding, determine if you would like to transfer the DID from the original device to the next device, move stuck faxes at the previous device to the new device and whether you would like to completely remove the device entirely:

  6. Once complete, click Save.

You have now successfully replaced your device!

Ending Notes and Details

When creating a new device, it may be disabled by default. Simply click on the new device within Endpoints > Devices and toggle it to Enabled and Save.

It may be that you would like simply move stuck faxes on an older device to a newer device without going through and reassigning the fax number or deleting the previous device.

For moving stuck faxes, please follow the instructions at How to Reassign or Unassign Faxes to reassign those fax jobs.

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