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Registration Issues - Clearing the HTTPS Fax Registration Token

Sometimes in registering our Lexmark MFP, the HTTPS Fax Token needs to be cleared in order to establish a healthy connection to the etherFAX network.

These steps are usually needed when a failed registration takes place.

Clearing the HTTPS Fax Token allows you to re-establish a connection to the etherFAX network. An indication that this may be needed can be confirmed by going to the Devices tab in the clients portal, seeing your Lexmark MFP instance has no IP address present after following all proper registration steps.


Before reading these instructions be sure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • Before you can start this tutorial, you must be aware of your Lexmark MFP’s IP Address.

  • Have an etherFAX account with access to the etherFAX Clients Portal at

Complete Registration Video

Below you will find a video covering how to register your Lexmark MFP with etherFAX.


Clearing the HTTPS Fax Registration Token

Depending on your Lexmark MFP, the “Fax” option from “Menu Options” (in Step 2) may not be within this section.

  1. Enter your Lexmark MFP’s IP Address followed by “/se” into your web browser:

    Format: [IP Address/SE]

  2. Select Fax from the Menu Options.

  3. Under Actions select Clear HTTPS Fax Registration Token. The Lexmark MFP will reboot, and the HTTPS Fax Registration Token will now be cleared.

You will see a message stating the “etherFAX token does not exist” if you do not currently have the etherFAX registration token on your device.

Another common reason for registration issues are incompatible date/time settings on the Lexmark MFP.

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