This tutorial explains how to port your existing number with another service over to etherFAX. This provides a simplified explanation on how to port your fax numbers.

For a more detailed explanation, you can use the following document:

LNP Handbook.pdf


Before reading these instructions be sure that the following prerequisites are met:


How to port an existing fax number

  1. Sign into the client portal at

  2. On the left-hand side click PORTABILITY and select New Port Request:

  3. Under Fax Number Type select the drop-down arrow and choose the option that best fits your port request:

    Note: These options are DID / Toll Number or Toll-Free (USA)

  4. Depending on your option, your port request form will vary. Fill out the contents of the page as accurately as possible to prevent delays in porting over your existing fax numbers. Be sure that any special accommodations are outlined in the Comments/Special Requests section.

  5. Review all sections, making sure required information is accurate and that numbers to be moved are correct. Once complete, sign your initials and click Submit Request. The etherFAX LNP team will work with your organization and the carrier of the fax number(s) to complete the port.

Please be mindful that ports can vary in length and that some terms used by them or the port request page can determine the nature of your port.

For example, a Partial Port vs. a Full Port. It is always recommended to read through the document (LNP Handbook.pdf) provided at the beginning of this article to guarantee a fully successful port.