This tutorial explains how to view reports in regards to your etherFAX account.

There are multiple types of reports available, but this tutorial covers the Dynamic Field Report. Regardless of whatever report you wish to look into, the steps in this guide will apply.


Before reading these instructions be sure that the following prerequisites are met:


How to view reports

  1. Sign into the client portal at

  2. Click on REPORTS on the left-hand side of the portal and determine what report you’d like to view. In our case, we will select Dynamic Field Report:

  3. Select the parameters relevant to your search. This will change depending on which report you select.

  4. Determine the date for which you’d like to search in the upper-right corner. You can either select by month using the drop-down, and then click Generate to view your results:


    You can click on Advanced where you can narrow your range to something more specific:

  5. If you wish to download the report, click on the type you wish to download: