This tutorial details how to block incoming faxes based on fax number.

Info, Notes and Warnings

This affects the entirety of the etherFAX account where this is applied.
It cannot be made specific per the etherFAX number being dialed on the account as it is a global setting that affects all etherFAX numbers on the account where the block placed.


Before reading these instructions be sure that the following prerequisites are met:


How to block an inbound fax number

  1. Sign into the Client portal at

  2. On the left-hand side select Blocking, and then Inbound:

  3. Next, click on + Add Item beneath Deny List, where a pop-up titled Add Inbound Deny List Item will appear.

  4. Select the Country Code drop-down and select the country code of the number you wish to block.

  5. Then, enter the rest of the number you wish to block (avoiding dashes and parenthesis) and click Add to List:

    Note: To avoid redundancy and possible errors be sure not to include the country code within the Enter number * field.

  6. From here you can add additional entries, filter and search, or delete records by using the trash bin icon on the right-hand side.

You have just successfully learned how to block incoming fax numbers to an etherFAX account!