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How to Set Up, Change or Reset your Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

This tutorial demonstrates how to set up, change, or reset Two-Factor Authentication in the Client portal.

Info, Notes and Warnings

Two-Factor Authentication is required upon first sign-in and is required in order to navigate the portal.

In the How to reset your two-factor authentication steps—resetting Two-Factor Authentication without etherFAX assistance is only available to those who set up Two-Factor Authentication using an application.

Those using SMS for Two-Factor Authentication will not have this option available.

Failure to set up Two-Factor Authentication will prevent navigation around the etherFAX portal until its completion.


Before reading these instructions be sure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • An etherFAX account and access to the etherFAX Client portal at

  • A mobile phone or a device that supports a Two-Factor Authentication application.


How to set up two-factor authentication (first sign in)

  1. Begin by visiting and signing in:

  2. You will be taken to the Manage Two-Factor Login page.

    You will be presented with two options: Google Authenticator App or SMS for Two Factor:

    Note: Google Authenticator is not the required solution when using an application. Another commonly available solution is Microsoft Authenticator, however, you should check with your company's security team on approved 2FA applications along with research on the option you choose.

  3. (Optional): Setting up a Fallback Number will allow you to change your 2FA when prompted should you no longer have access to your primary method of getting your 6 digit code. Please keep in mind that this is only available when toggled and when the Google Authenticator method is selected.

  4. Follow the instructions on your selected option. Either option will prompt you to enter a six-digit code.

    Check for a six-digit code and enter it before the allotted time by clicking Verify, otherwise you will have to restart this process.

  5. Once your code is verified, you will be taken to the portal dashboard along with a confirmation message:

You have now successfully established two-factor authentication!

How to change your two-factor authentication (after establishing 2FA previously)

  1. Begin by visiting and signing in:

  2. Once signed in, click on your arrow near your username on the bottom-left corner, and then click Manage Two-Factor:

  3. Since Two-Factor Authentication was set up prior, one option will be ENABLED while the other is DISABLED.

    Depending on the change you would like to make, you can click Manage to change details on that method or click Set Up Now to use the alternate method:

  4. Follow the instructions on screen to complete your Two-Factor Authentication changes.

You have now successfully changed your user’s two-factor authentication!

How to reset your two-factor authentication

This method requires the Fallback Number option to have been enabled when selecting the Google Authenticator method.

Attempting to perform these steps having while not having a Fallback Number saved will result in the inability to perform these steps.

  1. Begin by visiting and signing in:

    Note: If you don’t have access to the device you set up two-factor authentication then you will need to contact etherFAX Support (

  2. On the next screen, you will be prompted to enter your verification code. Instead, click Reset two-factor authentication:

  3. A message will appear asking you if you’d like to be sent a reset code to the phone you have configured as your fallback number. If you see this option and have access to the phone you used during this setup, click Send Reset SMS code:

    Note: If you accidentally click out of the Reset Two-Factor window, just click the Reset Two-Factor button on the page. It will prompt the window to pop out once more asking for the six-digit code.

  4. You will receive a six-digit code at that mobile device, input those numbers and click Reset Two-Factor.

  5. If you have input the correct code within the allotted 10 minutes, you will be taken to the Manage Two-Factor Login page. You will be presented with two options: Google Authenticator App or SMS for Two Factor:

  6. Depending on your option, follow the instructions provided to either generate a barcode or set up via SMS.

You have now successfully reset your two-factor authentication!

Ending Notes and Details

Issues with two-factor authentication can be aided by etherFAX support. Due to security concerns, only users that are verifiable as having an affiliation with the account are able to request this assistance.

If your organization primarily works with an etherFAX partner for your account—they may also be able to assist in your request.

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