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How to Configure Alert Settings

This tutorial provides instructions on how to toggle the alert settings in the etherFAX Client portal.

Info, Notes and Warnings

The global administrator will always receive alerts when turned on.

If the account is managed by a partner, there may be additional alert configurations, not seen from the Client portal, that may exist.

It is possible that they have set up alerts on your behalf, if the instructions below do not assist, please reach out to your etherFAX partner.


Before reading these instructions be sure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • An etherFAX account.

  • An etherFAX portal user.

    • The Global Administrator, or

    • one with the Edit Customer role.


How to configure alert settings

  1. Sign into the etherFAX Client portal at

  2. On the left-hand navigation bar, select Alerts:

  1. Toggle alerts, by type, on or off:

  1. Determine whether Operational, Threshold, or both types of alerts should be in use per email address listed in Alert Emails:

  1. Select Save Changes to complete the changes.

You have now successfully toggled alert settings!

Ending Notes and Details

Disabling alerts altogether can prevent warnings of being disconnected to etherFAX, issues of device connectivity, threshold on page count which could impact billing or service expectations.

Operational Alerts relate to Inbox Alerts, the Account Connection Alerts, and the Device Connection Alerts.

Threshold Alerts relate to page count or percentage and reset at the beginning of each month.

Under the Alert Emails section, one can determine the types of alerts they wish specific email addresses to receive.

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