This tutorial explains how to send a fax via email using DirectFax after having established a Mail flow Connector in your email domain.

Please note that a connector must be added to your organization’s email domain before performing these steps.


How to Send an Fax via Email using DirectFax

  1. Start a new email and insert a compatible file (alternatively, you can type out a message to fax).

  2. From there, in the To field, enter a fax number using the following format.

    [faxnumber] or [faxnumber] depending on what you have used when setting up your connector. The format you decide will be dependent on whether your organization is configured to the United States ( or to Canada (

    For example:

  3. Once your message looks good and the attachment is finished uploading, click Send.

  4. After your message has been completed, you will receive a notification at the same user regarding the status of your fax: