This tutorial describes how to reset the service account password.

Info, Notes and Warnings

Resetting a service account password can cause authentication failures in your fax solution’s environment. This can prevent outbound and inbound faxing altogether.

A service account user and password is typically created alongside the creation of the account itself. These steps can be used to reset the password if the link used to set the password has expired, however, certain accounts do not have the need to use a service account.


How to reset the service account password

  1. Sign into the Client portal at

  2. Click on Settings and then Account:

  3. Click on Reset Password under Account Information:

  4. A pop-up will appear where the new password can be entered. After doing so, click Save:

You have now successfully changed your service account password!

Ending Notes and Details

Changing the service account password means that wherever the credentials are needed, the password will need to be updated there as well.