This tutorial explains how to edit portal users for an etherFAX account in the etherFAX Client portal.

Info, Notes and Warnings

Editing portal users requires the global administrator or a user with Edit Customer privileges.

When editing a portal user you can change the user’s first name/last name/contact phone number. This can be helpful for verification purposes.

The Access Level can be changed which allows for more or less privileges for users as they are signed into the portal.


Before reading these instructions be sure that the following prerequisites are met:


How to edit portal users

  1. Go to and sign in.

  2. Click on Settings and then Portal Users:

  3. On an existing entry, select the pencil shaped icon to edit the user:

  4. Update the portal user. The available options are Access Level, First Name, Last Name, and Contact Phone. Once completed, click Save

You have now successfully edited a portal user!

Ending Notes and Details

If the changes you were hoping to make aren’t available, please contact the etherFAX partner that supports your fax solution. They will help complete those changes.

If etherFAX directly supports your fax solution, reaching out to us with a user affiliated to the account will allow them to authorize any needed changes.

There are two Access Level settings that can be determined for portal users.

Read Only allows for general access, but will be limited on certain aspects such as creating more users or purging the account.

Edit Customer allows for access to further details or configuration changes regarding the account.