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How to Delete a Portal User

This tutorial provides instructions on how to delete portal users in the etherFAX Client portal.

Info, Notes and Warnings

Deleting portal users requires the Global Administrator or a user with Edit Customer privileges.

This is a permanent action and will prevent a user from signing back in. It cannot be reversed.


Before reading these instructions be sure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • An etherFAX account.

  • An etherFAX portal user.

    • The Global Administrator, or

    • one with the Edit Customer role.


How to delete a portal user

  1. Sign into the etherFAX Client portal at

  2. Click on Settings, then Portal Users:

  1. On an existing entry, select the trash icon to delete the user:

  1. You will be prompted to confirm this decision. Please make sure you have made the correct selection. Click Yes

You have now successfully deleted a portal user!

Ending Notes and Details

This is a permanent action and cannot be reversed.

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