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etherFAX Client Portal Release Notes

Below you will find a list of release notes with the most recent updates being seen near the top.


December Release Notes

Portal Release Version 3.1.260


  • Fixed an issue with Queue Length and sorting within reports.

  • Fixed an issue with UTC-0 being on the Dashboard of portal despite the time zone being set differently on the account. Specific to the This Month section.

  • Forms Recognizer in Add-On Services has an added configuration feature in which strings can be used to identify a form within a large document and how many pages it is.

  • For OCR-related Add-On Services, OpenAI insights add ability to add questions to ask about the OCR read content.

Portal Release Version 3.1.260


  • Additional Contacts section added to customer accounts.

    • Contact Name, Email Address, Phone #, Contact Type fields.

    • Contact Type (Accounts Payable, IT, Other, Port-Out, Security) is mapped to Salesforce.

      • Portal Users can be created during this step. Its role is assigned during this time.
        Note: one must click Save in the bottom-right corner of the page to commit to adding the entry. If Is Portal User and a role are selected, the validation email will go out to that email.


September Release Notes

Portal Release Version 3.1.237


  • Addressed a bug relating to Endpoint settings not being committed for A2E devices.


August Release Notes

Portal Release Version 3.1.212


  • Addressed an issue with pages exported as PDF.

  • Addressed an issue relating to alert emails.

  • Toll-Free Canada numbers available as a Fax Number Type in New Port and New Route Requests.

  • Notifications are now in place when route disconnects occur where routes cannot be requested to disconnected until disassociated from the Endpoint (email address, device, application).

  • Last Connected On now reflects most recent connection and not just the last API connection. This will now reflect Endpoint connections as well.

MAY 2023

May Release Notes

Portal Release Version 3.1.193


  • Addressed an issue regarding 404 Errors when selecting the Transactions action within an endpoint.

MARCH 2023

March Release Notes

Portal Release Version 3.1.184


  • Portability check is now available in the portal.

Portal Release Version 3.1.177


  • Added Replace Device function to devices, more information can be found here: How to Replace a Device.

  • Report created for Device Replacements.

  • Addressed an issue relating to blurry images in the portal.

  • Addressed an issue relating to Inbox sorting.

  • Apply Change button made more visible on Endpoint edit pages.

  • Added E.164 Caller ID formatting on Endpoint edit pages.

  • Filtered searching introduced to Inbox items when using the Assign Job to Device option.

Portal Release Version 3.1.152



February Release Notes

Portal Release Version 3.1.140


  • Addressed a domain validation email issue that affected adding email domains on the Email to Fax Domain creation page.


December Release Notes

Portal Release Version 3.1.103


  • Device SEN and non-Device SEN traffic is delineated on Summary Page.


November Release Notes

Portal Release Version 3.1.87


  • Addressed an issue with the Reset API Key button.

  • Added new dashboard visualization to illustrate traffic between other etherFAX endpoints.


October Release Notes

Portal Release Version 3.1.73


  • Fix for intermittent error when downloading reports.

  • Fix for pagination on reports with more than one result.

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