This tutorial shows how to install DirectFax to a Teams Channel in order to create a Teams Channel Instance.

Info, Notes and Warnings

A Teams Channel instance takes place when DirectFax is installed directly to a Teams Channel as opposed to a user’s personal environment.

A 1:1 instance is the only instance that is capable of both sending and receiving faxes—whereas a Teams Channel instance can only receive inbound faxes.

The instance becomes severed if the user registering DirectFax to the channel leaves.

Due to permissions within organizations, unless the acting user is authorized, one may need an IT Administrator’s help when attempting this tutorial.


Before reading these instructions be sure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • A user in Microsoft Teams with permission to download 3rd party applications or this particular application.

  • A user within the desired Teams Channel with privileges to use the Get Bots feature. This would preferably be one where the end goal is for a Team and all of its users to view the same faxes.

Complete Setup & Overview Video

Below you will find a video covering the entire setup process for DirectFax Messenger on Microsoft Teams


How to install DirectFax to a Teams channel instance

  1. Using a user in your Teams channel, start a new message and type the @ symbol.

  2. Make your way to the Microsoft Teams channel you wish to add DirectFax to, in the message field begin typing “@”.

  3. The Get Bots suggestion will appear, click the suggestion:

  4. The Add a bot pop-up will appear. From there you can search for the application. Once seen, click DirectFax. The application will now be added to the Teams channel:

You have now successfully installed DirectFax to a Teams Channel. The next step is to register the instance to etherFAX, look for the article in the Related articles below!

Ending Notes and Details

To reference the application in a Teams Channel, you must use the @ symbol and then type DirectFax. Thereafter, you can select DirectFax in order to start interacting with the application.

An indication that the instance is set up correctly is the availability of drop-down actions that you can now perform.