This article explains out to send an outbound fax message after configuring Microsoft Teams with etherFAX’s DirectFax Messenger app.


Before reading these instructions be sure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • Microsoft Teams with DirectFax added to either the user or to a specific channel (enrolled by the same user attempting to fax).

  • A ready-to-fax file attachment.

Accepted file types are .docx, .xlsx, .tiff, .pdf, .txt, .html, .jpg, .bmp, and .png

Complete Setup & Overview Video

Below you will find a video covering the entire setup process for DirectFax Messenger on Slack


How to Send Outbound Faxes via Microsoft Teams (Method 1)

  1. With the DirectFax Messenger added to our Microsoft Teams Channel, or through the DirectFax Messenger app itself, go to the message field and add an attachment. This can be done by clicking the paperclip icon and then selecting Upload from my computer and clicking Enter:


  2. After attaching your file, hover above the message so that you may view the additional actions you can take on the message as pictured below:


  3. From there, select the “More actions” button (the 3 horizontal aligned dots) and choose the Send as Fax option:


  4. A pop up will appear where we will input the Recipient Fax Number. The other fields are optional. Fill out the fields as needed (being sure to toggle Cover Page to Yes if you want to include a cover page), then click Submit:


  5. Following the form instructions above, you can send up to 10 recipients. And for files that already exist within the DirectFax Messenger enabled channel, you can go from Step 2 onward to send a fax of the same file.

If you receive an error when attempting to Send as Fax then it may likely be that you have registered another channel/user with etherFAX, instead of the where you are receiving this message. If this is the case, you will want to follow registration steps to get the specific channel/user registered. Thereafter, you will be able to follow the steps above to send a fax from Microsoft Teams.

How to Send Outbound Faxes via Microsoft Teams (Method 2)

  1. Start a new conversation in the DirectFax Messenger enrolled channel and attach a file with the paperclip icon. Before pressing Enter, type in the message field “@DirectFax send fax to” followed by the fax number you intend to send to:

  2. Press Enter.

You forego the ability to send a cover page when performing an outbound fax with this method.