This article details how to use the “refresh token” command to help troubleshoot inbox fax issues where faxes that are received at the account (and affiliated to a DirectFax instance at the time they are received) are not being pulled down to the DirectFax instance they are affiliated with.

It should be noted that this will work to re-establish your connection when it is lost. It will not automatically re-trigger stuck inbox items to come to their respective destinations. This will assist with future received faxes at the DirectFax instance in question.

Please contact and relay your fax number or Unique ID (by doing a get device status command) for etherFAX to resolve stuck items.


How to Use the"refresh token" Command to Troubleshoot Stuck Inbox Items

  1. In the instance that is associated to the inbox items, using the user that registered DirectFax to it (if installed in a Teams Channel), click the text box field:

  2. Type refresh token and click the submit button or enter:

    Depending on where DirectFax is installed you may have to use “@DirectFax” preceding “refresh token” to instigate the application

  3. You should receive a message stating Your authentication token has been successfully refreshed

This should help with future inbox items received at your number and help re-establish connection when lost. Please refer to the information at the beginning of this article for more details on what to do for stuck items.