This tutorial demonstrates how to send a fax using the Chat tab.

Info, Notes and Warnings

Only DirectFax personal user (1:1) instances that are registered to etherFAX can submit faxes.
This is not available for DirectFax instances registered to a Teams Channel.


Before reading these instructions be sure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • A 1:1 instance of DirectFax that is registered to etherFAX.


How to send faxes using the Chat tab

  1. In Microsoft Teams, the Chat tab resides among other tabs in the DirectFax application:

  2. Starting a conversation in the textbox, type or select “Send fax to” along with the destination fax number:

  3. Enter your destination fax number without submitting the request.

  4. Use the paperclip to add an attachment by clicking Upload from my computer or OneDrive:

    Note: Acceptable attachment file types include .PDF, .TIFF, .JPEG, .PNG, .BMP, .DOC/.DOCX along with some other Microsoft file types.

  5. Submit the fax by clicking Enter:

    This will be followed by a fax status message:

    Note: DirectFax will automatically relay the fax status. However, you can always prompt a status check by clicking the Check Status button.

You have now successfully submitted a fax message!

Ending Notes and Details

If you are troubleshooting a number and are having issues then it may be a result of a bad dialing string. To be safe, remove the hyphens and parentheses along with spaces between digits. This may help to resolve formatting or incorrect character issues.

Additionally, it may help to check the country code being referenced. DirectFax natively dials within North America where a +1 may be used upon its dial to your fax destination.

If you wish to dial internationally then you must have this option enabled on your etherFAX account along with the correct international exit code (international faxing requires a 011 or a + as the prefix to the fax destination).