This tutorial describes the process to install DirectFax for Microsoft Teams.


Before reading these instructions be sure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • Microsoft Teams installed on your computer or workstation.

  • Access to a Microsoft Teams account with permissions to download apps.

Due to group permissions within organizations, unless authorized, you may need an IT Administrator’s help when attempting this tutorial.

Complete Setup & Overview Video

Below you will find a video covering the entire setup process for DirectFax Messenger on Microsoft Teams


Download DirectFax via the Microsoft Teams app

  1. Open Microsoft Teams and click Apps in the bottom-left corner. In the search bar, type DirectFax and select DirectFax by etherFAX LLC:


  2. Click Add on the pop-up for DirectFax. You’ll be taken to the DirectFax Messenger App itself after it has installed.

Right-click the DirectFax app icon and select Pin if you wish to keep it pinned in Microsoft Team’s left-hand navigation bar. Otherwise, you will have to select the 3 dots “” and find the DirectFax app.

Now that you have installed DirectFax Messenger to your Microsoft Teams user, you will need to create an account with etherFAX to use the service.

Create an account with etherFAX

  1. Visit, and click Activate Device above. This option is also available from the etherFAX homepage at

  2. Determine your account type, and fill out the form and click Next.

  3. On the next page, select Teams as your product type. Decide on whether you would like to port an existing fax number you own, or if you would like etherFAX to choose a fax number for you. If you only wish to send faxes outbound, there is an option for this as well. When you are ready click Next.

  4. Determine billing information for your account, confirm your pricing plan, and agree to the terms and conditions. Then click Summary.

  5. If the information on the next page looks correct, click Save. You will be taken to a page that looks like this:

Be sure to go to your email address and set up your password. Doing so will allow you to access the etherFAX Account Management Portal.

If you require a fax number, ported or provided by etherFAX, you will need to wait and hear from the etherFAX Line Number Porting team before receiving fax messages at your Microsoft Teams user.

Registering your etherFAX account to Microsoft Teams

  1. On the etherFAX-Microsoft Teams Account activation page we are given an enrollment code. Copy the code and open Microsoft Teams:

  2. In the channel, with DirectFax added, start a “New conversation” and type “@DirectFax” followed by “register device” and paste your code from the etherFAX-Microsoft Teams activation page and press Enter:

    DirectFax register device command (with enrollment code)

    Confirmation that the channel has been successfully registered

  3. You will now be given a message stating your device registration was successful. We can confirm this by starting a New conversation again and typing “@DirectFax” followed by “get device status” and clicking Enter. You will be returned with device information:

    We can confirm our account is ready to start faxing by seeing that Enabled is set to True and that there is a Registered On date.

You may now send faxes via Microsoft Teams, however, if you are porting/requesting a new DID, you will need to wait from the etherFAX LNP team for further instruction.