This article details how to attach a cover page to your fax message along with custom entries for recipient name, sender name, sender fax number and message.


How to attach a cover page to your fax message

  1. Begin within the DirectFax app or in a DirectFax registered Teams channel. In this area, upload an acceptable file of your choice.

  2. Hover over the message until the 3 dots appear ("...") and click More actions:

    Note: Be mindful not to select the 3 dots (“”) associated with the file itself (as in the image below). This will provide you with different options:

  3. Within More actions select Send as Fax:

  4. A pop-up will appear asking you to fill out the Recipient Fax Number, Recipient Name, and so on. The important detail here is to change Cover Page to Yes. Below you can enter other details that will be featured on the cover page, including space for a message: