This tutorial describes the process of assigning a fax number from your etherFAX account to a DirectFax instance.

Info, Notes and Warnings

There is a limit to the number of fax numbers you can assign to an application. Please reach out to your etherFAX Account Manager for such details.


Before reading these instructions be sure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • A fax number.

  • A registered DirectFax instance to pair the fax number to.


How to assign a fax number to a DirectFax instance

  1. Visit the etherFAX Client Portal at and sign into your etherFAX account.

  2. On the left-hand side select Endpoints and then Applications:

  3. From there, locate the DirectFax instance you would like to pair a fax number to by clicking on the Unique ID or by clicking the 3 dots of the instance in the Action column.

  4. Under Assigned DIDs you will find the list of available fax numbers to assign to your instance. Select the number you wish to have paired and then click Assign DID:

  5. Click Save in the lower-right corner of the page:

You have now successfully paired a fax number to your DirectFax instance. Test it out by having a test fax sent out to the paired number!