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Adding DirectFax Messenger for Specific Slack Channels

This tutorial will guide you in adding DirectFax Messenger for specific Slack channels as opposed to just the user.


Before reading these instructions be sure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • Slack with the DirectFax Messenger Application installed.

  • A Slack account with permissions to download apps.

Due to group permissions within organizations, unless authorized, you may need an IT Administrator’s help when attempting this tutorial.

In Slack, these changes may need to take place in “Settings & Permissions”.

Complete Setup Video

Below you will find a video covering the entire setup process for DirectFax Messenger on Slack


Adding DirectFax Messenger to specific Slack channels

  1. Make your way to the Slack channel you wish to add the DirectFax Messenger to, in the message field enter “/” and type “add”. Select the option to “Add apps to this channel”.

  2. You should see DirectFax Messenger from when we added it to our user before. Click “Add” for DirectFax Messenger.

  3. Go to and sign into your etherFAX account.

  4. Go to “Devices” on the left-hand navigation bar and click “+ Enrollment” in the upper-right hand corner.

  5. Then click “Generate Code” and copy the new code.

  6. Go back to the Slack channel you have added DirectFax Messenger to and enter “/” in the message field. From there, type another “/” and type “fax_enroll”. Paste the copied code from the etherFAX client’s portal and press the Enter key.

  7. You will then see confirmation that your Device registration attempt was successful. We can confirm this by opening up the shortcut menu (“/” followed by another “/”) and then selecting “fax_status”.

    We can confirm our account is ready to start faxing by seeing that “Enabled” is set to “True” and that there is a “Registered On” date.

Faxes cannot be received here until a DID is first assigned to it.

Although this establishes the channel to receive faxes, sending from this channel is only permitted to those who have registered. If this is desired, other users within the channel will need to follow the steps above.

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