This tutorial details two methods of requesting a route disconnect request.

Info, Notes and Warnings

Please exercise extreme caution when performing these actions:
To request a disconnect on a route is to forfeit that number entirely to the point where it is no longer affiliated to etherFAX. Once complete, it is virtually impossible to regain a specific number unless it has left from etherFAX via a port out where it can be ported back in.


Before reading these instructions be sure that the following prerequisites are met:


How to request or upload a route disconnect request

  1. Sign into the Client portal at

  2. On the left-hand side, click on Assigned DIDs:


  3. Click the checkbox on the route(s) where you would like to make a change:


  4. Within the Bulk Operation drop-down, select Request Disconnect, enter a Reason and then click Apply Change:

The route(s) have successfully been submitted for disconnect where a ticket is created with the etherFAX Line Number Porting team. They will follow up via email on that ticket to provide updates on the status of the disconnect request.