This tutorial details how to check inbox items in the etherFAX client portal.

It should be noted that this will show you items in your account that have yet to be pulled down.
This does not mean that you can view received faxes from the portal.


Before reading these instructions be sure that the following prerequisites are met:


How to check for inbox items

  1. Sign into the client portal at

  2. On the left-hand navigation bar you will see Inbox directly underneath DASHBOARD. Click on Inbox.

  3. Anything seen within this page shows an item that has not been pulled down yet. You can see items by chance as they are about to be pulled down and details about the fax job:

    To confirm that a fax job is being pulled down, you can use the refresh button to see if the job is no longer stuck in the inbox queue. You can also use the filter to help narrow on particular items:

While this can be a good starting place to diagnose that there are issues with jobs being pulled down, it is always best to explore the configuration local to where the job is supposed to be pulled down.

This means troubleshooting the printer if the route is associated to it, or restarting the service, among other local troubleshooting steps depending on your configuration.

If issues persist, you can contact etherFAX support for additional assistance.